New business mode of foreign trade – Cross Border E-commerce B2B (II)

The most basic capability of traditional foreign trade is logistics service, that is, transporting goods from point a to point B according to the needs of buyers, which is exactly a performance service. Based on the planning of traditional foreign trade logistics services, digital new foreign trade increases the predictability of goods turnover and production cycle scheduling, so as to improve the overall efficiency from production to performance to interactive goods circulation, not just intermediate transportation and logistics services. Therefore, the planning of goods performance services, coupled with the certainty and efficiency brought by digital capabilities, constitute the core competence of the supply chain.

The epidemic has accelerated the new trend of digital foreign trade, the close combination of technology and business, and the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies. In the future, businesses may directly broadcast live in Chinese and realize real-time multilingual translation. The live broadcast for B terminal is different from that for C terminal. There is no need to render the atmosphere. Buyers at B terminal prefer Professor type live broadcast with real professional domain knowledge, which can meet their psychological needs from the perspective of specialty and commercial value. Our company also carries out live broadcasting from time to time. We recommend our main products, such as wooden boxes and wooden furniture. Customers are welcome to watch.

China has combined payment, marketing, delivery and other scenes with digitization in the new foreign trade, forming a new business format, new environment and new platform mode of trade and service unbundling, and finally realizing inclusive trade and making products go global.

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Post time: Nov-09-2021