Great travel to Korean.


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In order to activate the company atmosphere, enjoy the physical and mind of employees, enrich the amateur life of employees, strengthen communication between employees, SHANDONG HUIYANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD has organized part of our employees mainly the employees from sales department to visit South Korea in November. The trip was well prepared by the company and was well organized and smooth. Everyone play very much, let the body and mind have been very good relaxation, from which to learn about Korean culture, geography, custom culture, folk customs, but also tasted a variety of Korean cuisine. Autumn Tour is an annual event organized by the company. The development of activities in enriching the part-time life of employees, mobilize staff enthusiasm, strengthen communication between employees, enhance team awareness has played a positive role in promoting.

During this trip, we also visited the company's Korean customers together. Visited the customer's sample room and factory, and had a cordial meeting and negotiation with the customer. Better understanding of the customer's company history, growth trajectory, development direction and future development goals. This trip better pulled into the distance between us and customers, both sides have been better understanding, is a win-win situation.

South Korea is our immediate neighbor and a country with great market potential, and in 2018 it has quietly reached the fifth place in the global e-commerce market. After this visit and in-depth investigation and research, we found that there is also information to further expand business to Korea. Under the influence of the new crown outbreak, offline business decreased, but the online business is booming, the potential is huge. We must make good use of this opportunity to open up the Korean market and expand the scale of business.

Post time: Dec-16-2020